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just threaten to sue their their thieving *** and you'll get your money back.spoke with austin or whatever the name is, horrible grammar, fast talking, reminded me of a crappy used car salesman.

spent over $1800 of my hard stolen money then they have the audacity to act like thy can keep my money. well think again! i live in a place called US of A and i know my rights. the nerve of these people thinking they can steal my money!

i too own a business and deceit only runs it in the ground. shape up or ship out. beware of anything "free" actually beware of their partner sites.

shop from a real store.spend the extra money and get great service not this mediocre ***!


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How did they "steal" your money? And if you didn't like the salesman, why would you give authorization for an $1800 charge??? Sorry, but seems you would be the one to blame here!

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