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I ordered a product from The Headboard Store (an IVG Store)and my check for $400+ cleared August 24, 2009.As of October 9, 2009 I still don't have my product even though I paid $127 for shipping.

For each the last 3 weeks I have been told it would be delivered next week. I've tried 4 times to post reviews of the extremely poor customer service and the reviews are never posted. Customer service has hung up on me 6 times when I've asked to speak with someone that can help.

I am wondering if I will ever get the item I ordered.Beware of IVG stores, they will not allow me to warn other customers nor will they allow me to speak with someone higher up the food chain that possibly could help.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Greenville, Rhode Island, United States #724432

yes that seems like theft to me very shady operation someone needs to take charge and look after the customer since the money has been paid up front. will not order from ivgstores just for this reason good luck with your mess


Thank you all for leaving your reviews.I was just about to order counter stools, but have changed my mind.

Thanks for saving me the headache!Sounds awful!


VWPT - HEP DIRECT is known for taking 6 weeks or more to make a delivery. In my opinion, they are the WORST delivery service I have ever used!!!


Absolutely horrible experience with an order. Will never use again or recommend to anyone.


Ordered a game chair on December 10,2011, for Christmas.Email arrives that it will not ship till February 16, 2012.

WTF?! Called to cancel and ordered the chair from another seller. 24 hrs later I get an email saying can't cancel the order because it has been shipped.

WTF?!Now I have two chairs arriving and as someone posted IVG RAPES you with their RMA charges.


The founder's phone number is 954-442-6611 for anyone who wants it.


If you order something from IVG, make absolutely sure you won't want to return it, because they will gouge you with restocking fees and shipping fees.They shipped for free, BUT when I returned the item (at my expense, for $8), they wanted to deduct $26 from the return amount for shipping fees, along with $21 for restocking fee.

All this for a $115 handbag!!!

If I would have known, I would have kept it and sold it in a garage sale and made more!!!:(


I just cancelled my order with IVG.I ordered a futon.

It has been put on backorder 5 seperate times and I've only been notified twice. I've had to call each time inquiring about my order. Got on the phone two days ago only to be told by CS that the futon was shipping yesterday.. Got an email yesterday that it would not ship until the 22nd of April.

They've had my money since March 7th, I wish I had looked up and read reviews before I made an order.

They are absolutely horrible to do business with.DO NOT ORDER or do business with IVG stores!!

Soddy Daisy, Tennessee, United States #268337

I really wish I had looked up the company before I ordered!!!!I ordered a dinnette set 3/15/11 and I have recieved 5 emails stating that my order will be shipped on another day.

I am still waiting for my purchase but they have had my money since the order was placed. The supervisor Donna Marie is the worse supervisor I have every dealt with.

She should not be in that type of position if she can't handle it.Best advice DON"T SHOP THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was looking for a specific bar stool at it was available at the lowest price (approx.$200) at

After reading several negative reviews online, I was a bit wary about ordering from them. However, their getting a favorable BBB (Better Business Review) rating significantly increased my trust in them and so I decided to take a chance and place the order. My research also indicated that for most products ordered through, the item ships directly from the manufacturer/wholesaler/distributor to the customer. It was the same in my case.

The item arrived in perfect condition. On the ivg web site, it was described that the item would ship in 1-3 business days. It actually shipped after 5 days. This is why I am giving ivgstores a 4 star rating rather than 5.

I contacted customer service once (via e-mail and telephone) to inquire about the shipping status and I am happy to state that their customer service is quite good.It was a pleasant overall experience buying from them and I will likely order again from ivgstores.

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